Anyone recognize these mystery sandwiches that Lizzo donated to a Fairview ER?

Lizzo gave them sandwiches.

Lizzo gave them sandwiches. Twitter

Are you ready to solve a mystery, stay-at-home food sleuths?

We all know Lizzo, who is most definitely from here, absolutely 100 percent a Minnesotan, beyond a doubt a representative of the Twin Cities music scene. Where’s Lizzo from? That’s sure no mystery.

Anyway, yesterday the beloved singer, rapper, and local person donated a bunch of sandwiches to the ER staff at M Health Fairview, thanking them for their dedication during the COVID-19 crisis.

All I have to say is, those sandwiches sure look good as hell, but why did she not also donate juice? (Note: This is a joke, because Lizzo has popular songs called and “Good as Hell” and “Juice.” Hi, I am a journalist and legally classified as an “essential worker” during Minnesota’s state of emergency.)

Annnnnnnnyyyyyyywwaaaaaaay, on to the question at hand: Where did those sandwiches come from?

We could have asked Fairview directly, but c'mon, those people have way more important things to do right now than answer my dumb sandwich-related questions. Instead, I asked around the CP “office” (i.e., Slack) and no one recognized the sandwich wrappers, no matter how much we zoomed in on the photo.

I can't read this!

I can't read this!

Our first guess was that the wrapper read “Santana.” But the Mr Santana deli on University Ave., if these photos on its website are to be believed, wraps their sandwiches in foil.

This wrapper is not checkered paper.

This wrapper is not checkered paper. Courtesy of Mr Santana

Peering even more closely, we suspected the wrapper read “SotaRol.” But while it looks a lot like their logo, these healthcare workers ain’t gobbling up sushiritos here. Unless SotaRol has branched out into the hoagie biz, that’s strike two for us.

Ce n'est pas un hoagie.

Ce n'est pas un hoagie. Courtesy of SotaRol

What it comes down to is: We don’t know where these sandwiches came from. (Or maybe we do know and we’re playing an elaborate Columbo-like game here to lure the culprit out into the open.)

Maybe you know? Maybe you can guess? Maybe you actually delivered the sandwiches? Feel free to guess in the comments.

On a serious note, M Fairview is accepting donations of supplies during the crisis. The rules are outlined here.

UPDATE: Thanks to all the wily e-detectives out there who determined that the sandwiches were ordered from the Iron Ranger in St. Paul. You all win a free online subscription to City Pages—for life.