Anvil screening at the Uptown Theatre ended in stolen gear


An otherwise successful screening of the Sundance hit film Anvil! The Story of Anvil at the Uptown Theatre on Friday night ended on a bad note. The subject of the movie, the Canadian metal band Anvil, performed for the audience after the first screening of the movie and then went out into the lobby to greet fans; when the band returned to play again after the second screening they discovered that part of their drum kit had been stolen. It was the first time Anvil had performed in Minnesota, and needless to say the incident soured their experience here.

The Uptown Theatre's house manager Patrick Cross issued a statement this morning pleading for the stolen gear to be returned. Here is Patrick's statement:

This past Friday night here at the Uptown Theatre we had the amazing pleasure of having the band Anvil perform after a showing of their film Anvil! The Story of Anvil. It was a great night. I've been involved with the Uptown for the last eight years and am now the head manager and this was easily one of the best nights ever here. We had a crowd of a little over 300 show up who were extremely enthusiastic. The credits rolled after the 7:15pm show and were quickly followed by the loud strumming of an electric guitar. Everyone rushed up to the front of the theatre and started cheering. Anvil played a short set and then went into the lobby to meet fans on their way out and take pictures and sign autographs.

We started the 9:30pm show for a smaller crowd of maybe 50. The band stuck around in the lobby because they had to wait to get their gear which was sitting in the theatre.  As the movie went on, the singer of Anvil, Steve "Lips" Kudlow, came up to me and my staff and said, "think we should play another set after this show?" To which we replied, "That would be great if you guys would like to..." They were not scheduled to play again and had to get back on the road as soon as possible because they had to be in Cincinnati the next day. But the band talked it over and decided to play again. So again, the credits rolled, that guitar began, and the crowd started cheering and coming up to the front. However, as the drummer was about to begin playing, he realized he was missing two of his symbols. The band stopped, the crowd was confused, and it was determined that someone had stolen the symbols sometime while the band was out in the lobby greeting fans.

Needless to say this was a terrible ending to a great night. To the band's credit, they didn't bitch about it or yell at me, they simply discussed how they would replace the symbols and that they needed to get back on the road. They were far more depressed by the fact that someone, especially after having seen their film, would see fit to steal from them. I can't believe it either. I have no doubt that the band will strive on, if you see the film you'll have no doubt either, but I hate to think that the only thing they will remember about their Minneapolis show is that it's the town where someone stole their equipment. So, if you're the person who stole it, and have realized the error of your ways, please return it to the theatre, no questions asked. 



Patrick Cross

Uptown Theatre

House Manager

Here's a clip of Anvil performing at the Uptown Theatre on Friday night: