Antifa ska, roadside raps, and unconquerable love in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

Call her crazy, or just call her Elxina.

Call her crazy, or just call her Elxina. YouTube

Steel yourselves, Twin Cities. It’s cold enough to kill out there.

This is the time of the year when newscasters and Twitter do-gooders remind you that, seriously folks, you gotta watch your ass out there. And for once those dingbats are right. It’s so cold your nostrils will turn into crystal caves the moment you step out of the car.

I’m remiss to suggest you skip your outside plans, but if you can’t muster the bravery to attend any shows this week, pay it back to those bands and enjoy some local music videos from the comfort of your warm, life-restoring bed.

Sleep Study – “Yourself Around” (PREMIERE)

That sweet vibration rumbling up from your basement isn’t a faulty furnace, it’s Minneapolis retro-rockers Sleep Study—the psychedelic four-piece seemingly find their home in dark, cozy hollows like that. They spent the last two years holed up at Simon Recordings, piecing together their new record Miss America, and now that they’ve laid their wavy tones to wax, they’re out to find new spaces to warm. In the new video for “Yourself Around,” the band and director Owen Rader show that those spaces could be as unassuming as the one right beneath your own feet.

Orikal Uno – “Drift” (PREMIERE)

When Minneapolis rapper Orikal Uno and producer Bona Phide joined together, they aspired to make rap that “doesn’t just knock; it kicks your fucking door down.” Their four-song boom bap EP Tonaphidedropped right before Christmas, but now the pair a debuting a video for album single “Drift.” Uno lays out the stresses of the hustle here, and though he’s got ambitions to take his rap to the big time, he needs to escape to maintain what’s left of his sanity. It’s the kind of pressure that makes a man want to stand out in the middle of the highway and close his eyes. Colton Otte directs the video.

Mic Q.A – “So Much in Love”

Mic Q.A has a big heart, and he knows that, in rap, that’s not always an asset. His new song “So Much in Love” might strike some as corny or cliché, but Q.A is done giving a fuck. He’s got a love that surpasses all that. The video for the song plays like a confession, as director Matt Wales Media takes Mic Q.A on a stroll through the woods and gets him to reflect, without shame, on just how good he has it. “So Much in Love” comes from the sarcastically named Another Soft-Ass Rap EP, which just dropped last weekend.

Elxina – “Call Me Crazy”

I somehow made it all the way through 2018 without hearing Elxina’s brilliant, powerful record High School High. If you missed it as well, please join me in reveling in the video for that album’s single “Call Me Crazy.” Directed by Adam Foster Jacobs and Elxina herself, the video makes the up-and-coming singer look like an ethereal being, singing through fog as she seethes over her lover’s betrayal. It’s a powerful vision for the young artist, who should be making a bigger name for herself in the year to come.

The Prizefighters – “Stop Them” (lyric video)

Can you stop white nationalism with well-meaning ska? Minneapolis rocksteady band the Prizefighters are wagering yes on their new song “Stop Them.” The message of the song is simple: Racists and bigots won’t stop being racist and bigoted unless you rise up against them. “Stop Them” is a rallying cry for all listeners to recognize right-wing extremism and unite to prevent it from taking over the United States. “Stop Them” is from the new album Firewalk, which releases on February 15; see the Prizefighters that same night at the Turf Club.

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