Another acolade for that one guy from Hibbing

Throw your hands in the air Hibbing, your Bobby Zimmerman won the Pulitzer. Network news, cue the video montage! We've got our own montage here--it's better than the others, we assure you. And it's a little strange at times, we confess.

Here's Bob in the Nashville Skyline era with (a too-cool-for-school) Johnny Cash doing One Too Many Mornings:

Doing Hava Nagila with Peter Himmelman and Harry Dean Stanton for a Chabad Lubavitch telethon in the '80s:

Here's Bob doing Jokerman on Letterman with L.A. punks The Plugz backing him:

Singing and speaking to the Pope in 1997 (fast forward to about the six minute mark to see Bob ascend the stairs to a waiting Pope, remove his cowboy hat, and have a few words):

Starring in a Cadillac Escalade commercial, for some reason. Listening to my favorite Smog song, for some reason:

Co-starring in a Victoria's Secret commercial:

On the Rolling Thunder Revue tour in 1976, from an NBC TV special. Doing a kind of insane Maggie's Farm. And yeah, that's Mick Ronson on guitar:

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