Aneuretical: When You Were a Kid

When You Were a Kid
Afternoon Records

Don't let Matt Standstedt's Lollipop Kid vocals fool you. Aneuretical's rock reconstructionist strategies on When You Were a Kid carry them far closer to the makeshift labs of punk futurists These Arms Are Snakes and Vaux than anyplace Good Charlotte would want to call home. The Eden Prairie-based teen terror trio twist everything they touch, hanging "Hampers Are Hideouts" like a backyard blanket tent over sumptuous chord progressions and lyrics suggesting that Standstedt has been cutting his nitrous with the contents of Baltimore shapeshifter Cex's stash. "I'm just sound," the munchkin bassist yelps repeatedly on the ode to lost places of concealment, while drummer Noah Paster and guitar prodigy Ian Anderson (no, not that one) cover his ass admirably with slippery sheets of sound.

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