Andrew Broder releases Spiraling for download


Free or best offer-- Broder releases the ninth of his pay-as-you-please compositions.

While the record industry teeters and totters like a hemorrhaging elephant, those renegade artists who are both musicians and entrepreneurs are trying to quickly pen new business models that will help their art continue to be a sustainable enterprise into the 21st century. Nine Inch Nails and Radiohead have done their best to spearhead the free download on a national level, but that's a fairly easy thing to do when you've got a few hundred million lying around. What about the little guy, recording electric ukulele ballads on a borrowed 4-track? What becomes of him once the meager label money dries up?

Well, Andrew Broder, frontmand and founder of Fog, isn't quite that little. But he is a model of doing it yourself (or D'ing IY, as is the street term these days), and should provide some hope that the digital age has as many opportunities as it has perils.

Spiraling, the 9th installment of Broder's pay-as-you-please downloadable albums (his last 8 works are available on, where users have the option of paying Broder through his PayPal account) is as quietly subversive as his business model. Weighing in at 7 tracks, the album is best taken as a whole, where the track numbers and titles simply signifying different movements. Broder's repertoire here is bowed stringed bass, organs looping under tape hiss, and long strips of haunting silence that make the brooding changes in melody and texture all the more startling.

It will puzzle some, and that's precisely the point. But once that nagging left brain is disengaged, your right brain is free to soak in Broder's truly immersive soundscapes.

Follow the link, or the others above, to check it out.