And there was whistling...

Saturday night--with rain intermittent and lighting flashes and a setting sun--there was whistling. It was sometimes sad, other times loopy. It was always masterful. I have no idea how many hours Andrew Bird spent perfecting his whistle and I wonder what that sounded like.

Anyway, with Martin Dosh and Jeremy Ylvisaker at his side, Bird made beautiful music at Rock the Garden.

And I went home whistling. And all day Sunday I was whistling still--going through the whole modern canon of whistle-in-song. Let's review, shall we?

I won't lie to you, this little journey is going to take us to some uncomfortable places. But I promise to ease you in and end it high note.

You're going to love this. Whistling Alex Moore in 1963.

Remember Whistling Jack Smith? Here he is in 1967 on The Beat Club with something of a hit called I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman:

Alright, I told you this was going to get uncomfortable. And you knew this was coming: The Scorpions.

And another one. I'm sorry to do this. Patience.

Okay, we're coming back around. I don;t know how this one will grab you: The 10-year-old world champ whistler:

There is that Peter, Bjorn and John song of course...

...and that delightful Loose Fur song, The Ruling Class:

You are a good friend to have gone this far with me. Here's the payoff: Andrew Bird and his whistle:

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