And knowing is half the battle

Are you into filmmaking? Are you passionate about the environment? Refugee healthcare? Fire safety for children under 3 in third world countries? Now you can indulge in both interests with the "It's Global" PSA contest.

Sponsored by the University of Minnesota School of Public Health, entrants are invited to submit a 30 second or less video. Each video should address the global health problem, suggest solutions, and end with a call to help. Entrants will be separated into two categories: under 18 and 18+.

Videos can be created via camcorder, Super 8, digital, or even with a cell phone. All entries must be received by noon, March 6, 2009. Videos will be showcased Monday, April 6. Youth stand to win $250, with the first-place prize for adults being $500.

All entries will be screened during the National Public Health Week Film Festival (April 6-11) in Minneapolis. For more information, or for directions on how to submit a video, check out or contact the School of Public Health via email at [email protected]