And another MN Fave

I was pleased that Dan Raustadt* wrote in to give a plug for the Elektras' "Dirty Old Man," which would probably be in my personal Minnesota Top 15, and is the song missing from our Top 50 that  I most wanted to find room for, but couldn't. We did, however, inculde a short item on Money Music, an out-of-print compilation that includes the song and other Minnesota garage, psych, and pop tunes. Here's Dan's note:

I believe there was an omission from this 50 greatest list, "Dirty Old Man," by the Electras. Date Records (Columbia Records subsidary) of New York purchased the rights to this song and signed the band - with new name, Twas Brillig, to an exclusive 5 year contract.

*Raustadt played lead guitar on "Dirty Old Man," and he played it very well.

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