Anchorhead: Disaster


There's no real nice way to put this: None of the guys in Anchorhead can much sing. I'd venture that the trio, the members of which share vocal duties, have a combined range of roughly 11 notes. Now you might think that such a limitation would preclude them from creating enjoyable non-instrumental rock music, but that somehow isn't the case. Anchorhead's second album, Disaster, is a charming collection of stoner country-rock tunes. Their self-deprecating wit, aw-shucks harmonies, and obsession with intoxicating spirits bring to mind Texas roots rockers the Gourds. Nowhere is this spirit more evident than on the raucous cheating song "Comin' Home," with the three vocalists trading off verses and collectively shouting out the chorus: "I'm comin' home to you. I can't imagine where, how, or when." Such declarations of loserdom are somehow funny and sweet coming from these guys. You get the feeling that they could actually get away with cheating on their women--just like they get away with not being much able to sing.

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