An intro to Big Freedia: Some required listening

Big Freedia at Turf Club earlier this year.
Big Freedia at Turf Club earlier this year.
Photo by Erik Hess

This Saturday's Zombie Pub Crawl brings one of the most exciting and energetic performers in hip-hop to the Twin Cities for what's sure to be an incredible dance spectacle and one heck of a party. One of the biggest names in New Orleans' sissy-bounce, Big Freedia's live show is like nothing you've ever seen. For those who might be unfamiliar with the Queen Diva, we've rounded up five tracks sure to convey why this show is not to be missed.

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"Y'all Get Back Now"

Big Freedia's most seen viral video is perhaps the best place to start. The high energy and irresistible charisma displayed here shows why Freedia is such a beloved talent. No matter who you are, where you're from or even if you're at work, when a giant Freedia enters your field of vision, it's time to dance.

"Rock Around Tha Clock"

One of the earliest Freedia hits to take off was "Rock Around tha Clock." With a truly inspired flipping of a sample that hits the very hallmarks of hip-hop, the song explodes with the type of vibrant energy only captured by mid-90s New Orleans underground.

"Azz Everywhere"

The importance of posteriors in motion in bounce music cannot be overstated. Big Freedia's bombastic "Azz Everywhere" has become one of those cult classic party jams that, while by definition a regional hit, has hyped up parties coast-to-coast thanks to DJs savvy enough to know of the promises it delivers.

"Gin In My System"

A quintessential sissy-bounce anthem, "Gin in My System" fully conveys the debauchery, decadence and sing-along fun of the sub-genre all in one song. If there's one song that's we're looking most forward to seeing the zombies get down with this weekend, this is it.


Finally, if one video captures the across-the-board fun of Big Freedia, it's "Excuse." As enjoyable and often hilarious as the concept of the Queen Diva herself as an aerobics instructor already is, the bombastic elements of the visuals and frighteningly catchy song are a surefire summation of why Big Freedia's show is one you can't afford to miss.

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