An interview with Danimal on the Parade and Punk Bacchanal this Friday

We wrote last week, somewhat frantically, about a massive, odd, and beautiful-sounding art parade and equally lovely-sounding show, organized and curated by Gay Beast's Dan Luedtke and Brute Heart's Jackie Beckey. We were so excited about it we asked Mr. Luedtke to give us a little more information on the event's genesis and just what the hell it is. In a nutshell: something you do not want to miss.

Gimme Noise: How long ago did you start planning it?

Dan Luedtke: So this guy Gabriel [Saloman] - he used to play in this noise band called Yellow Swans - he quit Yellow Swans and started working for this organization called Red 76 that's presenting the show. Then there's this program that Gabriel started called House Show As School House and it's from his days of touring and basically seeing these house shows as the site of dialogue; artistic, cultural, political dialogue.

Where is it out of?

I don't know, but it seems like Red 76 is like, wherever anybody is. It's sort of a loose organization. They do projects in conjunction with other organizations like museums or schools. The Walker is going to do a field recording of it and the press it onto vinyl...all of the audio from the show. So Jackie [Beckey] and I organized the parade.

From BruteHeart?


So it all came from this guy Gabriel, associated with Red 76?

Yeah he was just like "Will you put on a house show? And it will be recorded and then pressed to vinyl." And I was like "OK!"

And then he asked if I wanted to work with Jackie. So I talked to Jackie, and she does a lot with this marching band, lot of the same people that work on the May Day Parade. She also does the music for this outdoor theater production called Barebones.

Is that the place that does the huge interactive play in the woods?

Yeah, Jackie does the music and runs the orchestra for it. And I think this year Jackie and I are gonna do it so this is kind of the beginning of us collaborating.

So she was like, "I can get the marching band to march! Wouldn't that be awesome?" And I had made this parade-float installation and so I thought what if we just decorate the whole thing, and we got a venue and decorated multiple stages like floats and loosely have a parade theme.

And it just snowballed from there?

Then we got bands, we just got an MC, she has this dress like a parade float...

Like Gladys Knight Aretha Franklin proselytizing from a float?

Yeah. And then we're gonna have a photo booth , and this girl Lindsay who's doing all the light for the marching band all the glow sticks and stuff she's gonna set up a on disco one of the floors. There's four floors in the venue. There's the basement, second floor, third floor, roof. So she's gonna set up this little disco. And she works with lights a lot so it's gonna be tricked out.

While this is all we can share for now, rest assured Friday's event will be a revelatory revelry worthy the title "CRAZIEST SHOW EVER!" Do everyone a favor.

MARCHING BAND + CRAZIEST SHOW EVER kicks off at 9 p.m. next Friday, August 6 in Riverside Park. Music starts at 11 p.m. at 1419 Washington Ave. S. More info here.

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