An albatross, Seawhores tonight at the Nomad


Noise rock band on their best behavior--An Albatross.


It would take a room full of poets to come up with enough onomatopoeias to communicate exactly what happens at a noise show. And, as any casual reader of Gime Noise should know by now, poets we are not.

But it's Tuesday, anyway, and a chilly one at that. And we know you've got a few unspoiled liver cells and room between your ears for a little tinnitus. An Albatross is about as storied a noise rock troupe as you'll find for a few hundred miles as the crow flies.

We know noise rock isn't for everyone. But that's it's charm. You know what's made with everyone in mind? Polar Express. Grisham novels. Prego Traditional speghetti sauce. In other words, the blandly serviceable, the sure-not-too-offend-the-delicate. The stuff you probably would rather be kept at the other end of a ten foot pole.

An Albatross, active since 1999, has been searing ears and challenging critics since Merriweather Post Pavillion was a gleam in Panda Bear's eye. Live, they're as unpredictable as a water spout, and occasionally as fearsome. Tonight, they're paired with locals Seawhores, the Omega men of the Twin Cities local scene--while peers like Grotto, Malachi Constant, and Superhopper have gone into the gilded annals of local music fame, Seawhores have become only more arcane and unfathomable and infinitely appealing as the years have ticked by.


Opening the bill is Marijuana Deathsquads. composed of mutant survivors of Building Better Bombs' hardcore scream sets, the noise rock outfit will leave nary a hair unraised. For a measly $6.00, you couldn't do better. And don't you dare let good sense rule the day--you'll come to appreciate that faint ringing when you're old.

18+. 9:00 P.M. $6.00. Nomad World Pub, 501 Cedar Avenue, Minneapolis.