Amy Klobuchar loves 'Fight Song'

Amy Klobuchar and Rachel Platten: Will one of these women become president?

Amy Klobuchar and Rachel Platten: Will one of these women become president? Associated Press

"I love the fight song."

This is how Amy Klobuchar, the senior senator from Minnesota and a 2020 presidential hopeful, began her speech at the SEIU Breakfast in San Francisco this Saturday.

"The fight song" is Rachel Platten's "Fight Song," which was playing as Klobuchar stepped up to the podium. You may remember that "Fight Song" was featured prominently at the 2016 Democratic National Convention, and in so remembering you may feel a chill or perhaps even faint nausea. The memories "Fight Song" summons, they are not good.

Me, I do not love the fight song. I have never loved the fight song. It begins with the lines "Like a small boat/On the ocean/Sending big waves/Into motion," which suggests a fundamental misunderstanding of tides and perhaps also boats. It rhymes "this is my fight song" with "prove I'm all right song," as though Dr. Seuss had written a rejected jingle for a Celexa commercial.

As I said four years ago: "If you like your pop to feel like the continuation of work by other means, the punch-drunk striving of Platten’s I-shall-overcome anthem might just be what you need to power through your day job, polish off your math homework, or secure low-interest financing on a 2015 Ford Edge."

Then this happened.

No one wants to remember this. No one wants to go back to this. But the future of the republic is at stake, and we must not forget.

Maybe Klobuchar didn't choose "Fight Song" as her walk-on tune. Maybe the SEIU did. Either way, we cannot repeat the mistakes of 2016. Why not this "fight song" instead?

Does America have more serious problems than the Democrats' refusal to abandon Rachel Platten? Yes, of course. But do all of those problems typically reduce me to depressed catatonia or murdery frothing? Yes, of course. So just let me focus on this one. Please.

This is the biggest political problem I can handle right now. Because I don't have a lot of fight left in me.