American Idiot to hit the stage this September

American Idiot to hit the stage this September
Green Day: "Say what?!"

You cannot kill it-- you can only hope to contain it.

As a close friend of Gimme Noise once quipped, "God damn those talented assholes." It's a sentiment that pretty much sums up what we here at the Gimme Noise offices feel about Green Day's newest and most indelible incarnation. We'd hate the hell out of their political waxing and grandiose posturing on American Idiot if their songs weren't so frustratingly good.

But today's news that American Idiot, their massively pseudo-political opus that turned the punk millionaires into pop kajillionaires, would be heading to the world of musical theater

might put even the infinite listenability of their pop-punk ditties to the test.

According to the press release, the play will run for all of September at California's Berkeley Repertory Theater, and will weave a loose narrative out of the album's songs. Kind of gives a whole new meaning to the chorus of "Wake Me up When September Ends," no?

It's just the most recent maneuver by the theater world to stop the bleeding, as its acquisitions from other reaches of the arts world become more and more opulent. Shrek: The Musical? U2 scoring Spiderman? And now this?

It's not that we don't like the album, or theater. It's more that we're fundamentally pessimistic curmudgeons, who savor schadenfreude like a fine wine. So, given the play's run of the entire month of September, Gimme Noise presents the following music video. Enjoy!

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