America hates Ariana Grande more than AP, less than Cosby

Ariana Grande, hated pop star, at KDWB's Jingle Ball 2014

Ariana Grande, hated pop star, at KDWB's Jingle Ball 2014

Turns out licking a donut while saying "I hate America" is enough to earn you the scorn of your fellow Americans. So reports Q Scores, the company that bi-annually polls the U.S. on all things pop culture. In its quest to discover which celebs are falling out of favor the fastest, the Hollywood Reporter recently analyzed Q Scores data from 2013-2015, noting which individuals saw their "negative" Q Scores rise the most during that time. 

The results paint a grim picture for Ariana Grande, that pint-size pop star with the huge voice and even bigger distaste for America (no amount of save face can save her). But does Grande deserve to be sandwiched between an unscrupulous snake-oil MD (Dr. Oz) and a serial rapist (Bill Cosby)?

A proud feminist and believer in literal demons, Grande is the glamorous, high-maintenance type of diva we need, the kind of garish U.S. royalty that gives our trivial trips to the water cooler meaning and purpose. The donut incident was unfortunate, but it hardly amounts to high treason and certainly doesn't warrant banishment to the dregs of popular opinion, a space reserved for true assholes like Adrian Peterson (don't whip the genitals of children, folks). We all said dumb things when we were 21, except none of us were forced to answer to the frothing gossip industrial complex. 

We love you Arianna, and think that you, Miley, and poor RGIII deserve better. The rest of the list? Their levels of dickishness vary from scandalous to criminal, but cases can certainly made for each. 

  1. NeNe Leakes (1 pt. increase negative Q Score): Noted Real Housewives of Atlanta villain ... but isn't that sorta the point? 

  2. Paula Deen (3 pt. increase): Noted brown face-avowing, N-word dropping disgraced celeb chef. 

  3. Miley Cyrus (4 pt. increase): Noted cool-ass pop rebel — what's the beef, moms of America? 

  4. Judy Reyes (10 pt. increase): Noted star of stereotype-perpetuating Lifetime show Devious Maids.

  5. Robert Griffin III (10 pt. increase): Noted oft-injured/ineffective quarterback who can't catch a break.

  6. Adrian Peterson (13 pt. increase): Noted child abuser, oblivious camel rider

  7. Robin Thicke (14 pt. increase): Noted Top 40 promoter of rape culture

  8. Mehmet Oz (16 pt. increase): Noted pocket-lining TV doctor quack

  9. Ariana Grande (26 pt. increase): Noted pastry terrorist.

  10. Bill Cosby (43 pt. increase): Noted complete and horrible monster, the recipient of rape accusations from nearly 50 women.

    The highest overall negative Q Scores belong to Kim Kardashian (71), with Justin Bieber not far behind (63). Tom Hanks and Morgan Freeman are tied with the most popular Q Scores (48); Steven Spielberg, Betty White, and Denzel Washington share the No. 2 spot (48).