Amelia: Fully Loaded! By Amelia Huff, Age 10 1/2

So this Saturday I finaly got to see Herbie: Fully Loaded, which should be called "The Greatast, Funnest Movie in the World" because it is. Lindsey Lohan is so beutiful. When I do grow boobs I hope they look exactly like hers. I hope I marry Fez from That 70s Show and we make a baby with our private parts. The baby will be called Maddison with two Ds. I made up that name isnt it original? Dont steal it!

Now Ive heard some things about Lindsay that are mean. That she takes Cocaine maybe, which isn't so bad because Bo Bice loves cocaine and Bo Bice is perfect. I also heard that she's not nice to people when she's making her movies and acts like a brat. That's NOT TRUE!!! They are LYERS. I read Teen People and they said she is nice and "Down to Earth" and sort of like the girl you want to be freinds with. I would love to be her freind. She could buy us matching pink dimond rings that say "BFF" ingraved on them and we would wear them forever because thats what BFF means. It means you are freinds forever (except for my former BFF Meghan who betraid me. She said she got her period and she didnt. She used marker.)

Anyway this weekend Lindsey Lohan was going to a party for some people that make dimonds. And these people called Protesters were outside saying "You shouldnt wear dimonds because people in Africa have to hunt for them and its really hard!" And they were yelling at Lindsey. But do you know what my girl did? She ignored them just like I ignore my teacher! Because she doesnt need their drama. And who cares if people in Africa have to hunt for dimonds? Thats their job. Thats what they pay them to do. That sounds like a very easy job if you ask me. My dad works at a big desk for the State of Wisconsin--THAT is a hard job. Hunting for beutiful diamonds in a warm place like Africa is not hard. Stop complaining, Protesters. You are just jealous of Lindsey because she's rich and wears a bra.

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