AM 1500 fires T. D. Mischke


On Thursday evening, Tommy Mischke was performing on the O'Gara's Garage stage alongside a who's who of local musicians for the release of his new CD, "Songs for The Livin'."

His Friday broadcast was full of warm reminiscence of the night, audibly saturated with the pride of a show brought off well.

On Saturday morning, he was fired.

The details are scant-- Mischke issued a cursory farewell on the AM 1500 website, but his replacement, the cause of his firing, and his future plans are still unknown.

Mischke was in his 18th year as an on-air personality at AM 1500, beginning as Don Vogel's sidekick before ultimately getting his own show in 1994. He is a nationally known pioneer of Avant-garde entertainment broadcasting, and was the subject of a September 2000 article in Atlantic Monthly, and of a City Pages cover story in early November.

Details and commentary about his release are forthcoming.


In this clip, Mischke attempts to give his mailing address to a 90 year old woman.

In this clip, Mischke gives an address in the direct aftermath of the terrorist attacks on 9-11.