All the Pretty Horses tonight at the 7th Street Entry


Venus DeMars cold lamping.

We looked it up-- the 15 year is the crystal anniversary. Whether your bring emeralds or uppers to the Entry tonight is up to you. Just make sure you bring the $7.00 it'll take to get you through the door to honor All the Pretty Horses, the darkly appealing glam rock outfit that has been adding sincere Bowie shakes to this simmering Gothic stew for-- be still our beating hearts-- 15 years.

All the Pretty Horses' "Good Dog."

There's simply no denying that Bowie has his thumbprint all over every note of All the Pretty Horses' music. But a thumbprint is a thankful thing-- a touchstone, a gentle hand that leads you into a musical den of deep imaginative truths and perversions. After all-- Bowie never played "Space Oddity" bound in a revealing leather truss.

Much of All the Pretty Horses' appeal is owed to Venus DeMars, the enigmatic and intensely charismatic guitarist and lead singer. Power, Sex, Fashion is Venus' motto, and All the Pretty Horses' lives up to that simple, decadent creed. Sexual, visceral and filled with a gleaming amyl nitrate headrush, this is music for some gleeful post-apocalypse, where life is made loud and strange by an absence of governing bodies.

Even if you haven't been a devoted follower of the band, even if you don't have their records, even if you've never seen DeMars sporting starshapied pasties in a leather micro-mini, this band has been working on our behalf to make the world a weirder, better place.

Oh-- your leather belt, the one with all the bondage rings on it? Tonight might be a great night to dust it off and give it another spin.

18+. 8:00 P.M. With Lusurfer and DJ Noise. 7th Street Entry, 701 First Avenue North, Minneapolis; 612.338.8388.