All the Pretty Horses play last show

class=img_thumbleft>Email from Venus of All the Pretty Horses, who play their last show at the Triple Rock on Friday, January 13: This will be ATPH's last show. The band is taking a hiadis and is not scheduling any more performances until further notice. (it will be a long time) ATPH would like to thank Minneapolis and St. Paul for all their support over these last 9 years. And I, (Venus,) want to personally extend that thanks. I feel proud to have remained based here in Minneapolis throughout ATPH's run. And I feel strongly about staying based here as I venture onto new musical projects.

Taking our hiatus has been a hard decision for me to make. With the exception of our second CD (Queens and Angels,) release on Minneapolis' own Twin/Tone record label, I have kept ATPH as an independent band while running our own record label, and promotions company: Skindog Productions.Through our 9 years run, we've toured the US, been to both coasts, toured the UK twice, New Zealand once, and performed in Amsterdam's 'Paridiso'. We've released 5 CD's. And throughout, we've called Minneapolis our home...

I feel so honored to have been, along with my wife, Lynette, and my band, ATPH, the subject of the documentary by Emily Goldberg: "Venus of Mars," which is still making the rounds world wide. (recently it won the Best Feature Documentary award at the 2005 Milwaukee International Film Fest. I found myself without words, when after 9 years ATPH was awarded the 2005 Minnesota Music Awards Hard Rock Artist/Group award. Our first and only musical award. (it's been sitting on our studio's bar, since that night, (ironically it was just 3 days before the award that I had made the decision to take our hiatus. )

I have struggled with the weight of debt, felt growing frustration as my innocence of how the music industry works was lost. I've grieved, along with friends and band members, as we lived through deaths, suicides, and crumbled hopes.

Since I was 18, I've lived a rock and roll life as a total jerk, a desperate wanna be, and an aggressive musical asshole. In addition to this early stage of my career choice, I have come to learn that life isn't always what you want, or expect. Through the years, my nature has been tempered, and my own personal journey of unraveling my own gender identity, has contributed to this.

My determination to follow my dream, no matter what, has caused me to nearly destroy my marriage, ( I recently lived through a 13 month separation from my wife of 22 years, (during which time I wrote the bulk of my upcoming solo CD.))

Despite all this, I wouldn't change a thing.

I personally want to thank you all, the Mpls/St.Paul press; City Pages, Pulse, Star Trib, St. Paul Pioneer Press, The Rake, Rift Mag, MPR, The Current, KQ, 92X, KFAI, Radio K,(have I missed anyone?,) for all your continued support of this project, and I hope you would set aside time to come join us for this, our last scheduled Minneapolis / St. Paul performance, as we come to the end of this long path, and begin to dream of new and independent journeys.

Sincerely, Venus / All The Pretty Horses