All Cooped up

Can the Flood Stud rescue nightly news?

class=img_thumbleft>Remember during the Gulf War in 1991 when everyone's mom seemed to have their Lycra leggings in a bunch over Bette Midler's "The Wind Beneath My Wings" and NBC's coiffed and copper-toned correspondent

Arthur Kent

, aka "The Scud Stud"? While gazing into the camera while bombs lit up his Italian safari jacket, one could imagine the Scud Stud had been unceremoniously plucked from an imaginary soap opera city and dropped among fiery scud missiles, all for the ladies to long for as they gorged on microwave popcorn and the first-ever televised war.

But that was a different disaster, a different era. America needs, needs a new father figure/sex symbol/empathetic figure to buoy our hearts. Enter Anderson Cooper. The Scud Stud's appeal has been easily outdone and usurped by CNN's Cooper, aka "The Coop," aka "The Flood Stud" (or so we like to call him), who offered compelling coverage of Katrina and the news-hyped Rita. Ah, the Flood Stud: He of prematurely gun-metal gray hair, a childhood of privilege and pain, the now famous never-ending piercing blue eyes of a Malamute, designer suits that cling to him like America's love, on-air emotional breakdowns that remind a reeling nation of the compassionate television news journalists of yesteryear. It seems everyone and their brother is obsessed with The Flood Stud.

So while CBS is asking its interns what to do about its near-dead Nightly News, the news media is calling Cooper's response to Katrina a breakthrough for journalism and fans of Coop are saying he's a shoo-in for either of the vacant anchor spots on CBS or ABC. You might not be a CBS intern, but what do you think CBS/ABC should do with their evening news?

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