All blowed up

What does a former Minneapolis rocker have in common with a burning mobile home?
We don't know why this video clip from a KARE-11 news story that aired a couple months back hasn't made its way around the internets to become the next big contagious-media hit. And we're not sure why the America-flag-wearin' guy featured in it doesn't have his own reality show yet, either. But this hilarious and endlessly watchable footage of a guy who still listens to eight-tracks giving us the play-by-play of what happened after a mobile home got "all blowed up" makes us sure of one thing: Suddenly, it all makes sense that Minnesota leads the nation in sales of Larry the Cable Guy CDs.

Speaking of getting "blowed up," what former frontman for one of our favorite local and now-defunct indie-rock bands can be seen on MTV? Ok, he's not exactly in a video. Give up? Check out the commercials for the Real World Austin. The guy strumming the guitar and caterwauling in the signature style that made the band so likable is none other than Steve Salett of Deformo, the group voted Best Local Rock band by CP in 1998.

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