Alicia Wiley takes us down to the Clown Lounge


Jazz pianist and songwriter Alicia Wiley is getting ready to unveil her fifth full-length album, Both Sides, next week at the Entry, and she invited the video crew at MPLS.TV to film an exclusive performance in preparation for her release. Backed by multi-talented musicians Jake Hansen, James Buckley, and Luke Anderson, Wiley descended into the basement of the Turf Club for a special performance in the Clown Lounge.

[jump] "They had a bunch of lights already attached to the ceiling so our job was easy," remarks City of Music producer Dan Huiting. "The audio sounds amazing and the video looks dark and moody like the song. I'm definitely excited to cut this one together."

Check back Monday morning for the premiere of our latest City of Music video with Alicia Wiley, and make sure to pick up a copy of City Pages next week for an in-depth look at Wiley's new album.