Alex Kirst, drummer for Iggy Pop and the Nymphs, killed in hit-and-run

Alex Kirst, drummer for the wild-eyed late-'80s and early-'90s rock band the Nymphs and later Iggy Pop, was killed in a hit-and-run in Cathedral City, California, about 10 miles south of Palm Springs.

Kirst was found around midnight on the side of Date Palm Road, reportedly the sixth pedestrian killed around the area in nearly as many weeks. Police currently have no suspects. Kirst was 47.

...I don't think ALEX, the drummer, was actually given his due...or given the attention he deserved for creating the grooves and beats that were the "HEARTBEAT" of The Nymphs...Those who MATTERED noticed though. When IGGY POP came to do the VOCALS on the TRACK "SUPERSONIC" (how many people can SAY THAT ABOUT THEIR DEBUT ALBUM???), HE ACTUALLY ASKED ALEX TO LEAVE AND JOIN THE IGGY POP BAND!!!!! TO HIS IMMENSE CREDIT, ALEX SAID "THANX, BUT NO THANKS. I LIKE THE BAND I'M IN, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!"...BUT WHEN THE BAND BROKE UP, IGGY CALLED HIM IMMEDIATELY!!!!! HE PLAYED WITH IGGY FOR ABOUT TEN YEARS.

And Alex Kirst's brother Whitey, talking to the Desert Sun:

"I'm devastated. Just devastated. He was my big brother," his brother, Whitey Kirst, 43, a guitarist for Iggy Pop, said Friday while watching YouTube videos of their performances.

"From what I understand, he just went to the store to get a pack of cigarettes."

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