Alaskan sunsets, sultry muses, and carpool trippin’ in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

A clip from Fletcher Magellan's 'A Years Long Day'

A clip from Fletcher Magellan's 'A Years Long Day' YouTube

The Mainroom was full for Night Moves on Saturday.

A headlining gig at First Ave is, for a local musician, the ultimate goal. Kids here grow up watching Purple Rain. They keep the bracelets from their favorite shows on until their parents make them cut them off. It’s a dream world that most never get to see realized.

Night Moves got that chance, and they slayed. Local boys done good. But it wasn’t just a good show—it was a signal to the other musicians in attendance that you can actually do it. It’s not just Prince who gets to flaunt around under the lights.

Fletcher Magellan – “A Years Long Day”

Days go long during the Minnesota summer, but they’re even longer in Alaska, where Fletcher Magellan’s Cody Fitzpatrick and Emmalyn Kayser spend half their time. The pair invited Victoria Carpenter of PLQ Production up to capture some of the day-to-day beauty of their lives in the untamed north, and that footage became the majestic, lengthy prologue to their song “A Years Long Day.” The song itself doesn’t start until about the 5:11 mark, and by the time you get to the first sweet notes, Fitzpatrick has made you feel like you’ve disappeared into a National Geographic shoot.

Andrew Thoreen – “You Give Me a Reason”

We all need a muse. When your art is creating intricate compositions, that needs to be a powerful force. In Andrew Thoreen’s “You Give Me a Reason,” he pays homage to the person who keeps him going back to the keyboard every day. Thoreen, most known for his work with Har-di-Har, takes on a soft and careful tone, serenading his muses through time. Adam Wheeler’s dramatic work behind the camera helps you make the emotional journey alongside the singer. Thoreen will be releasing his new EP, Lots in Thought, on August 2.

Mr Submissive – “Future Shoes”

Work’s a drag, man, but it’s nothing a little LSD can’t fix. In the video for Mr Submissive’s whirly new single “Future Shoes,” a ne’er-do-well group of 9-to-5ers find out that, with a little drugs and alcohol, even door-to-door sales can be fun. Director Alex Behrns chronicles their delinquent day hawking shoes to unwitting homeowners and the bleary madness that unfurls. “Future Shoes” is from Mr Submissive’s late-2018 EP Hurting Yourself Loudly.

XIII Arrows – “Bad Little Habit”

Minneapolis rock band XIII Arrows know the dangers of recreational romance, yet they fall victim to the same patterns of behavior in spite of themselves. “Bad Little Habit” is a classic cautionary tale pulled up from the annals of rock ’n’ roll history with some creative flair. Director Slade Kemmet and editor Shawn Andros take their inspiration for the video from the apocrypha that preceded them, filling the vintage band’s background with shots of Camels and Jim Beam. Maybe looking back at the video will convince XIII Arrows not to trust their hearts again. Probably not.

Chansa – “Worth”

In the wake of V.I.C.E. Boys’ breakup, most of the rap group’s members have kept quiet. But Chansa has been steady at work, defining his style as a solo artist. The latest chapter in that development is the emotional video for “Worth,” which is shot by old compatriot Nate P. The track finds Chansa searching—for friends, for God, for meaning—while trying to keep from tripping into a spiral of self-doubt.

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