Air Conditioning School: Band to watch


Air Conditioning School is the most recent project to be released by local label So-TM (home of Total Babe and Ultrachorus), and from the sounds of these first singles, the label is establishing itself as a reliable source for smart, melodic indie-pop.

Air Conditioning School is the solo project of former Sukpatch member Chris Heidman, who is also one of the masterminds behind the So-TM label. After listening to this single, "Wake Me Up," it becomes clear why someone with Heidman's taste, songwriting abilities, and pop sensibilities would champion the other young bands on the startup label.

Here's the video for "Wake Me Up":

And you can download the mp3 of the track here, courtesy of So-TM:

mp3: Air Conditioning School, "Wake Me Up"

A digital single with "Wake Me Up" and another track, "Busymore," is available on iTunes. Heidman says he's also working on a full-length LP, which should be available later this spring.