AIDS Wolf, Skoal Kodiak and Gay Beast tonight at the Entry


In this dystopian present, where many popular forms of music seem to approach the drain in ever tightening orbits, the intrepid among us, who populate our basements and work sheds, strive tirelessly to bring music to ever more unfathomable outer reaches.

But, you know, you still have to dance. Even the crust punks need to shag ass on a Friday night, and this show is a perfect chance. Gay Beast have been a staple of arrhythmia in our music community for a couple years now, and Skoal Kodiak, whose beats and basslines mercilessly pound into perpetuity, scarcely need an introduction.

Joining them is AIDS Wolf, the provocatively named and highly influential noise punk outfit hailing from the great white north of Montreal. They are a quixotic affront to the ears, and the four-piece delivers a sound that is as undeniably infectious as a toxic fungal spore. The show is neither for the timid nor the inhibited-- all three bands are liable to encourage acting out of the most reflexive kind.

Friday November 28. 8:00 P.M. $8.00. 18+