AIDS Wolf, D. Rider, and Gay Beast at the Entry tonight


As some type of grown-up no wave proselytizers, Quebec's AIDS Wolf have been banging on writhing, rusted garbage cans for years now, leaving tinnitus, breached tympanic membranes, and abstract morals behind them like a preening snail trail wherever they roam.

Which happens to be here, tonight, alongside the plodding, creeptastic, and highly-pedigreed D. Rider (ex-U.S. Maple) and our Cities' stained-glass-pocalypse, Gay Beast, at the Entry.

AIDS Wolf is touring in support of their third full-length, March to the Sea, and in celebration of their trimmed lineup (what once was four now is three).

AIDS Wolf, D. Rider, Gay Beast
7th St. Entry
8PM doors, 18+, $8

Here's some recent footage of AIDS Wolf in Atlanta:

D. Rider's video for their song "Touchy":

And, mais oui, Gay Beast from a few months ago:

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