Agnostic Front tonight at Triple Rock


Mad ink-- Agnostic Front.

Can you believe it's almost been 30 years? For a handful of decades, Agnostic Front has been a figurehead NYHC outfit (consult urban dictionary for an adroit definition), a veritable font of embittered, thrashing political spewings, an especially prominent mouth on the Hydra of the east coast hardcore scene since their inception in 1980.

They laid low in the mid 90s but have been touring with laudable regularity for a band of their fame and age, and tonight, along with locals In Defence, they should turn the Triple Rock into a sea of raised fists and smashed bottles.

Agnostic Front's "For My Family," off 2007's Warriors.

It's fun to be angry, and it's especially fun to be angry at things worth being angry about, and though Agnostic Front has their share of flighty angst in their discography, the lion's share of it is devoted to a discontent that was very real when it burned white hot in the mid 80s, and which left the scars to prove it. They're loud and they make a fine party out of their vitriolic solution, and the appearance of a national show this prominent on a lowly Monday is perhaps the surest sign that spring, and its slew of good shows 7 days a week, is en route.

All Ages. 5:00 P.M. $14.00. With Ruiner, In Defence and Eightysixed. Triple Rock Social Club, 629 Cedar avenue, Minneapolis; 612.333.7399.