Afternoon Records is having a fire sale

Afternoon Records is having a fire sale
Whether or not you agree with Afternoon Records (for whatever reason), it's hard to argue getting cheap music. And don't start with that Rapidshare nonsense. I know we all do it. Not the point.

Afternoon is offering four different packages, and depending on which you choose you could be getting albums for as little as $2.30 a piece, and vinyl for $12.50. Read on for the rest.

Here's a complete list of the records available, visit

Afternoon's site for full details

on the packages...

Ten Centuries - White Pines
Sissy Wish - Beauties Never Die
We All Have Hooks for Hands - The Shape of Energy
Target Market - Up On The Moon
Mouthful of Bees - Mouthful of Bees
The Coast - Expatriate
One For The Team - Build a Garden
Tarlton - Papa Theses EP
Aneuretical - When You Were A Kid
One For The Team - Good Boys Don't Make Noise
Spiritual Mansions - Touched
One For The Team - Build it Up
Haley Bonar - Big Star
Battle Royale - Wake Up, Thunderbabe
I, Colossus - I, Colossus
Poison Control Center - A Collage of Impressions
Spiritual Mansions - Give Us Your Hearts
We All Have Hooks for Hands - The Pretender
Mouthful of Bees - The End
Ela - Real Blood on Fake Trees
Target Market - No Thrills
Haley Bonar - Lure the Fox
Battle Royale - Sparkledust Fantasy
Squareshooters - I Am The Keeper
Aneuretical - Million Dollar Man
The Plagiarists - Veto!
Viceburgh - Intense Excitement
Superdanger - Fight Fight Fight
Linus - Championships Are Won In The Off Season
Squareshooters - ...Get Kicked Out of School
Look Down - 24/7 Danceforce
Hello Blue - What It Takes To Wake Up
Towers Thick Walls - Towers Thick Walls
Superdanger - Superdanger
Kurmudgeon - Cables and Ties

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