Advice for Snoop Dogg on getting high in the Twin Cities


Snoop Dogg, Method Man, Redman, and Devin The Dude are all in town for a big-ass show at Epic.

Given that they're strangers in a strange land, we've compiled a to-do list for the stoner foursome: the best things to do when blazed in the Twin Cities. You may not be a rap superstar with the guac to buy pound blocks of Humboldt herb, but this list will work even for scrub stoners.

Hang around in the Sculpture Garden for a while, then hit a nearby restaurant and try to replicate the cherry-on-a-spoon thing in real life. Get really paranoid wandering around the Walker. Be sure to ask philosophical questions to the conversational dolphin. Buy some paraphernalia at Clown Glass. Stand in front of the Crack Stacks on the West Bank and write a tribute to the "Ghetto in the Sky". Find hidden anagrams in the word "Lutherans": Halt Runes. Lane Hurt. Her Sultan... Go to Downtown Dogs for some bow-wow-wow-yippee-yo-yippee-yay. Get blunted with Al Flowers. Go see the Timberwolves ... wait, no, that's not even fun when you're stoned. Nothing quenches the munchies quite like hot dish and lutefisk.