Adrian Peterson plays principal in Smart Guy Chevelle's "All Day Everyday" video

Catching a Twinkie like it was a shovel pass from Christian Ponder.
Catching a Twinkie like it was a shovel pass from Christian Ponder.

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Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson may have started training camp for the 2012-13 campaign on the physically unable to perform list, but he's taking reps in a new video by North Minneapolis rapper Smart Guy Chevelle.

Chevelle's song builds a hook around Peterson's "All Day" nickname, and by the end of "All Day Everyday," this phrase proves inescapable. In the clip, filmed at Minneapolis' Exell Academy for Higher Learning, Peterson plays a principal who seems kind, but won't stand for disruption and flying Twinkies.

Chevelle, who could've been tutored by Ma$e and Steve Urkel, has apparently gotten this song into the hands of Vikings officials. From YouTube:

It is currently played during warm-ups at the Minnesota Vikings football games and the hook to the song is played every time Adrian Peterson #28 Running Back receives a rushing first down.

And aside from the appearance by AP, another face that'll be familiar to Purple & Gold supporters is the bearded, horn-blowing Ragnar the Viking, who plays the school's janitor. It's all just as trippy as it sounds.

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