Acoustic Century series launches at New Century Theatre in August

Gabe Douglas, before his debearding.
Gabe Douglas, before his debearding.
Photo by Erik Hess

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If you've ever wanted a personal look into a musician's process and job, New Century Theatre's new Acoustic Century series is offering that opportunity. The series launches with musical guests Gabe Douglas of 4onthefloor and Danny O'Brien of the Farewell Circuit this August. Audience members will have the chance to do a little more than sit back and enjoy the show: They'll be able to ask questions of Douglas and O'Brien and listen in on the grimy, dirty details of life on the road and as a part of the Twin Cities' music scene.

Douglas and O'Brien have each performed both as solo artists and as part of a group, and they'll be speaking on the differences between those musical ventures as well as the songwriting and creative process. Each will be performing separately.

Gabe Douglas, after his debearding.
Gabe Douglas, after his debearding.
Photo by Ryan Siverson

"We hope to do one once a month to support local bands and local artists," says a representative from the New Century Theatre of future plans for the series. "It's a work in progress."

We've seen something kind of like this fairly recently, with the Current's Muse for Music with Jeremy Messersmith and Works for Words with Chris Koza, both at the Fitzgerald Theater. Though the formula is somewhat different this time around, it promises to be an interesting night with some unscripted moments and unique perspectives.

Check out the music video for the 4onthefloor's "Lionhearted" off their recent 4x4 debut album:

And here's one from the Farewell Circuit, "Guard" from their debut album In Our Bones.

Tickets for the August 2 premiere of Acoustic Century are on sale now. $10. Show starts at 8 p.m.  Tickets available here.

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