Aaron 'Hix' Lee of Red Daughters band shot by mugger in northeast Minneapolis

Aaron "Hix" Lee is expected to spend extensive time in a hospital after he was shot in the stomach Friday night.

Aaron "Hix" Lee is expected to spend extensive time in a hospital after he was shot in the stomach Friday night. Courtesy of Red Daughters

Aaron “Hix” Lee, known to most as the towering cowboy-hat wearing keyboardist/guitarist/singer for the Minneapolis-based band Red Daughters, was headed to a concert with his girlfriend on Friday night, according to a detailed GoFundMe story published Saturday morning.

Lee's band was booked at the 331 Club, per a Facebook post advertising a three-band bill, with Red Daughters listed as the night's opener.

As the GoFundMe tells it, at some point that night Lee and his companion were walking down a Northeast street when a car pulled up alongside them. The next thing they knew, a man with a gun had hopped out and started making demands. Phones. Wallets. Now.

Lee and his girlfriend immediately did what he said, according to the GoFundMe. 

They handed over their wallets and Lee’s phone, and for a second, it seemed like the nightmarish encounter was over. That is, until their mugger turned around, pointed the gun at Lee and shot him in the stomach.

The shooter fled. Lee’s girlfriend whipped out her phone -- which she’d managed to hide during the ordeal -- and called 911. After he was rushed to the nearest hospital, it was determined that the bullet had pierced Lee right beneath the navel, nicking a bit of his colon and eventually lodging in his leg.

His Gofundme page -- which minces no words with the name “Shot in the Gut! Hix Medical Fund,” and has already pulled in $14,000-plus -- says it will remain there for the rest of his life.

For now, the page says, Lee is expected to spend one or two weeks in the hospital, and an additional two weeks in bed. He doesn’t have insurance. The medical bill will be hefty.

His friends and family are pleading for whatever anyone can spare. The Gofundme page is trying to raise $20,000 for Lee’s recovery.

But hey, don't let City Pages stop you from helping them blow past that number.

“While Hix would give the shirt off his back to someone who needs it, he would never ask for it if he needed one,” the page says. “So his family is asking for him… Let’s get Hix back in his hat and back on the stage!”

A Minneapolis Police spokesman was unable to confirm details about the alleged shooting, and said the records unit is closed today. City Pages' attempts to locate Lee's hospital and learn an update on his condition have so far proven unsuccessful. We'll update this story as we know more.

Visit the GoFundMe page for Aaron "Hix" Lee here.