A year later, Rift Magazine resurfaces


Over a year ago, local music zine Rift Magazine announced that it would cease printing. It was a familiar story: the publication couldn't afford to pay printing costs, but hinted that they might attempt something online. The magazine hobbled on a bit longer on the internet before fizzling out all together. But then, last week, something unfamiliar happened. The magazine resurfaced.

Rather than rely only on freelance writers to contribute to the magazine, Rift is trying something unusual (and, in the grand scheme of things, quite brilliant). In addition to assigned stories, the zine is pulling out the best reviews and interviews from local blogs and syndicating them in print. There's an Hojas Rojas review from Perfect Porridge, a Cloud Cult review from Reveille, a Sam Keenan review from, and essays from local art blogs sprinkled in with the magazine's regular content. It's as if Rift is the hard copy of editor Rich Horton's blog reader, highlighting the best articles he has found online, and it creates a sense of community and coherence unlike any other local music publication.

Issue #24 of Rift Magazine was being printed and distributed over the last week. Copies are available at most local record stores, coffee shops, art galleries and music venues, and readers can also peruse the new issue online.