A triple-feature just for Oscar night

class=img_thumbleft>After spending hours watching tonight's Academy Awards, what could be better than ending the evening with a triple feature devoted to the event?

1) The Oscar (1966), starring Stephen Boyd and Tony Bennett. One of the best bad movies ever made, which is only fitting. Stephen Boyd seems in on the joke as he plays a scum-sucking, back-stabbing actor hellbent on winning the big prize, and he's a riot. The rest of the cast is funny for other reasons. It's written by Harlan Ellison, and does it ever show-- listen to this beautifully awful Ellisonian speech that was forced into Tony Bennett's mouth (his first and last film appearance). "I was twitchin', just like a spastic!" 2) A Star is Born (1954), starring James Mason and Judy Garland. Doesn't everyone really watch The Oscars hoping for a moment like this movie's most famous scene, where Mason drunkenly crashes his young bride's spotlight moment and roughs her up? And Mrs. Jon Stewart really missed her chance last night.

3) I'll Do Anything (1994), starring Nick Nolte and Albert Brooks. James L. Brooks' follow-up to Broadcast News about what happens to an actor who doesn't get the award. It was also a movie about striving for artistic integrity in Hollywood that allowed all eight musical numbers by Prince to be completely cut after they were panned at screenings.

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