FAIR IS FOUL and foul is fair? Have you heard the curse of the City Pages New Band Poll? Here's the myth: Instead of portending great things for the band that's "picked to click," the poll often pushes the winners off the path to ostensible superstardom.

So is it fact or fiction? In the case of 1998's winner, The Odd, we seem to have the most convincing evidence of this phenomenon to date. Scarcely 24 hours after we ran our article about this local punk-rock band, two core members quit.

For keyboardist Mark Mallman (also a solo artist) and bassist Rich Mattson (of the Glenrustles), the Odd was a comic side project to their serious musical endeavors; they never intended to have the local community take it as an earnest effort. Mallman and Mattson report that their decision to jump the good ship Odd was only partially precipitated by an alt-weekly hex. They note with disappointment that when you're serious and passionate about a project, no one seems to care; when you're laissez-faire, though, everyone in the Twin Cities wants a piece of your ass--or in the case of the Odd, they want your songs about "Wet Pussy."

"I didn't want the Odd songs to represent me," Mallman says. After seeing the New Band Poll, he telephoned Mattson, who concurred. "Our intention was fun, but I don't want to be known for singing songs about wet pussy," Mattson says. "I'm not as proud of the Odd as I am about the Glenrustles. I don't even want to show my mom the article" (CP 4/22, "Pussy Galore").

The last show with the original Odd members is Saturday at the Terminal Bar. At press time, the remaining Odd members plan to continue in search of, ahem, the groove.

The Odd play Saturday at the Terminal Bar; call 623-4545.

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