A song for Memorial Day


Memorial Day, apart from the cookouts, is a day of contemplation. Songs dedicated specifically to this non-festive holiday, though, are hard to come by and tend to be treacly.

Instead we turn to this driving, acerbic track from hip-hop trio the Perceptionists, the Boston-based combo on Definitive Jux composed of Mr. Lif, Akrobatik and DJ Fakts One.

Their track "Memorial Day" (streaming at the Def Jux site) is a frenetic back-and-forth about the Iraq war. Lif spits angrily and empathically from the perspective of the homebound viewer; Ak adopts the voice of an imagined soldier. Their voices unite on the chorus: "Where are the weapons of mass destruction?"

The record, Black Dialogue, came out in 2005, and the refrain's question is still appropriate.