A New York Afropop landmark closes

The largest distributor of African music outside Paris is closing its Manhattan store and relocating its American offices and warehouse to New Jersey. "It's sad in that we won't have a retail shop, anymore," says Stern's Music U.S. manager Ken Braun, who blames skyrocketing real estate prices. "But then it's only the last seven years we've had a shop." The 22-year-old, London-based company launched its U.S. distributor in 1989, relocating twice before opening a storefront three blocks from the World Trade Center. The practical upshot for New Yorkers is a clearance sale starting tomorrow (Stern's Music, 71 Warren Street, 212.964.5455). Otherwise, Stern's will continue distributing, selling online, and releasing CDs on its various labels. To purchase store sale items through the mail, call 212.964.5455, or leave a message (with Andrea) at 212.505.6897.


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