A new American (poetry slam) Idol is crowned


This week I headed over to St. Paul to the Artist's Quarter, an awesome little basement space and the home of the Soap Boxing Slam. Soap Boxing is one of two competitive slam teams in the Cities, and they draw impressive talent to their stage. This month was their America Idol Slam competition, so the rules were changed a little for the occasion.

First round, poets performed a bad poem as poorly as they could--and these were pretty rank, culminating in Wonder Dave's stunning parody of weirdo-about-town Reverend Pat D. Second round the poets covered another poet's work--and my recorder cut out after two poems, not returning till the third round, where the poets performed an original poem as well as possible.

Here are some highlights--and be sure to show up next month, when eight top poets will compete to earn the right to represent St. Paul in this year's Individual World Poetry Slam Championships.

Round 1:




Round 2: El Guante


Round 3:

[audio-5] El Guante

[audio-6], who is our new Twin Cities American (poetry slam) Idol