A farewell to New Labor

Saturday is the end of New Labor. While their farewell show marks a bittersweet moment for the band, who formed in 2008 and have self-released two 7" records. The DIY band not only did their own records, but booked their own shows and designed and printed posters, t-shirts, and artwork all with a notable style befitting of their music: a touch of sci-fi, some proletarian designs, and just enough absurdity to skew the tone beyond genre and expectation.

As the spastic punk band preps for their Hell's Kitchen sunset, Gimme Noise reached out to frontman Andy Bauer to inquire about their breakup, their future plans, and what Minneapolitans should be saying as New Labor exits the stage.

A farewell to New Labor
Photo By Erik Sudheimer

Gimme Noise: Why end the band?

Bauer: Sudz [guitarist Erik Sudheimer] decided that he was sick of editing all the stupid videos we kept forcing him to work on. Actually, he decided he wants to focus on other things in his life. The rest of us came to the obvious conclusion that this band wouldn't be New Labor without him, so we're sending this project to the shallow, quickly-forgotten grave it justly deserves.

How much planning are you doing for the final show?

As with any of the shows that we've booked, we put together a bill with bands we like. Cadette and the Yoleus are two of our favorite local bands. Sonic J is a great group of dudes and one of the finest out-of-town bands we've played with - I'm very glad they're making the trip from Milwaukee to play the show. We've also got a couple of our good friends, DJ Biggie Schaals and DJ Yith, spinning records between bands. We wanted to put together a show with great bands and a bunch of friends at a location that has been really supportive of New Labor over the past few years. It's going to be a kick ass party.

Is it nostalgic or bittersweet?

It'll be a bit bittersweet. It feels like maybe the end of this band has come a little too soon, but we've all got plenty of other stuff to do. It's also going to be a total happy-blast. No regrets.

Are you starting any new bands?

Brad [Schwab] continues to drum with Beastface. He and I are also working on a metal band called WUSS. Expect to see that soon. Brad and I have both been practicing with different established local bands.

I think Brad, Mike [Pinter, bass], and I may also continue to manufacture human music in the musty confines of the studio, but we haven't done a damn thing yet.

Now that New Labor is done, is there anything you'd like to set the record straight on?

Yeah, I would. There ought to be actual rumors about us worth setting the record straight on. It says something very unimportant about the state of Twin Cities music when nobody's speaking in hushed tones about the trials and tribulations of New Labor.

In that case, are there any wild rumors you'd like to start?

I'm a very hairy woman, Brad has an identical twin that he keeps chained to a sink in his basement, Mike is that guy who got arrested in Wisconsin for having sex with a dead deer on the side of the road, and Sudz is quitting because he's actually Bruce Willis in The Sixth Sense. It's hard for everybody to come to terms with all of these admissions.

New Labor will play their final show at Hell's Kitchen on Saturday June 2. They will be joined by Cadette, Yoleus, and Sonic J (Milwaukee).

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