A DVD club that . . . doesn't . . . wear . . . a hairpiece!

class=img_thumbleft>Not since Priceline.com has there been such a deal, or spokesman:

The William Shatner DVD Club

is open for business. "William Shatner has culled the thousands of films he has seen into a collection of the best Sci-Fi, Horror & Fantasy movies available." And for only $47.99 a year, you can own 12 of them, featuring some of Bill's favorite actors, like Daniel Baldwin and Judd Neslon [sic]. Better still, you can "Get William Shatner's opinion before you go to the theatre or watch it on DVD!" as well as vote on his best Star Trek performance. (

ST III: Search for Spock

is already checked for your convenience.) Too bad there's no mention of some of Shatner's best films being in the queue, like


, the only film to date in Esperanto, and

Want a Ride, Little Girl?

, where he wears both a tank-top and a leisure suit.

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