A convention for people not cool enough to get into Comic-Con

class=img_thumbleft>Registration is currently open for

Blogging Man 2007

, a three-day event to be held in October 2007 featuring speakers, media presentations, political candidate speeches, and e-mail breaks. Don't let the sorta-hip

Burning Man

-like name fool you, this won't be no hippie love-fest! The only thing smokin' at this event will be dozens of laptops employed to take down that

dreaded mainstream liberal media

. BM 2007 Chairman

Eric Odom

, a conservative activist in Northern Nevada, has enlisted a small battery of neo-con bloggers to speak, including

Pamela a.k.a. "Atlas"

of Atlas Shrugs, "Wyoming Christian" contributor

Christopher Adamo

, and the godfather of neo-con blogs himself,

Hugh Hewitt

(above). The first 500 early-bird registrants will receive a 50% discount (a $75 value), as well as a free copy of Hewitt's blockbuster tome "


," which Hugh will no doubt be distributing from the trunk of his car. As the website touts, "with 5,000 bloggers in one room, who knows what will happen"? Let's just hope they remember to slip out of their jams and put some pants on.

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