'A breast man, from what I'm seeing': 7 moments from Mas Sajdy's podcast after Prince's death

Mas Sajady (left) only got to know his Chanhassen neighbor after Prince's death.

Mas Sajady (left) only got to know his Chanhassen neighbor after Prince's death.

Though they lived only three miles apart in Chanhassen, Mas Sajady never met Prince.

Not until he died.

On a podcast recorded soon after Prince was discovered dead at Paisley Park, Sajady says he felt a sudden connect to his suburb's fallen star.

Sajady, a guided meditation "healer" and Twin Cities-based entrepeneur profiled in this week's City Pages,  observed such feelings were becoming a "major trend" for him, with people -- "popular or not" -- coming to him "as they cross over." 

He explains how Prince communicated with him thusly: "Prince, specifically, the night before we'd heard the news he passed away, I wanted to listen to Prince songs." 

And that's it. That's the whole story.

It's one of a half-dozen notable moments from episode 48 of "Exponential Intelligence," Sajady's meditation podcast. In a recent interview with City Pages, Sajady said the podcast was regularly heard by up to a million people; a review of iTunes charts finds Sajady's doesn't currently crack the top 40 in either the "science and medicine" or "religion and spirtuality" charts.

Read on for a half-dozen other revelatory moments Sajady's followers could have gleaned from his "Reign of Prince" podcast.

Or listen to them yourself.

Sajady: As a young individual, [Prince] was cool. You know, he was very dynamic, very sensual, or sexual, so. Who doesn't want that, right? When you're a young guy.
Crystal Fambrini, co-host: And he also seemed to be sort of a rule breaker. He didn't follow rules.
Sajady: Yes, very similar to me as well. So, we kind of matched. And some people said that I kind of looked like him, when I was younger. Maybe it's the hair.
Fambrini: [Laughs.]

 Sajady: So, the first ... part of the Medihealing, would be, say, you would remember a favorite song, favorite Prince song. And I guess you can do it with other songs as well, but we're concentrating on Prince. So, you listen to that, and then, say, the new frequency, that he's, say, embedding, with the same song. So you listen to it again, or you remember it, or you listen to it in your... mind's ear, I guess. But then later on, after the Medihealing -- give it a couple hours, for most people -- go back and listen to your favorite song in physical form, and you'll see how that's transformed for you.
Fambrini: Awesome.

Sajady: Deep breath in, again, acknowledging, confirming, the position that you chose, whether it's sitting, standing, lying down. Noting your hands, the position of your hands, whether they're touching or not, or they're next to you. Another deep breath in again, we'll start to generate those frequencies, and let's just bring Prince in as well, he'll -- wow, kinda cool. He's really getting into it, actually. He'll come through as well, so, again, it's not what I generate. It's not me. It's just pure source, and then, say, Prince's frequencies coming through.

Sajady: And then coming into your groin area... [Long pause.] Prince, many of his, say, older songs, were of, say, a sexual bent. For those new people, you might not know the difference, or the feeling of frequencies coming in, because you've never experienced me before. But I think people who've experienced me before can kind of, maybe sense, or feel, frequencies that are generated. You'll feel that essence of Prince coming through as well. [Loud exhale.] By the way, I'm not channeling Prince. Never want to do that. Just hanging out, groin area, from the belly button on down. And then your chest. Seems like he was a breast man, from what I'm seeing. So, your chest, your groin.

Sajady: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, continue to work on you, 13, deeper and deeper, 14, come more and more into the present moment, 16, 17, 18, as we come into that present moment, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, time tends to slow down, 27, 28, or we can pull away fromt time, 30, 31, and float, no time, no space, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45. Noticing how you're feeling. Noticing your chest, your groin.

Sajady: So go ahead and pick a Prince song, any song that you'd like, it's more effective that way. If you don't know a Prince song -- well, you're probably not listening to this podcast -- but if you don't know a Prince song, uh, any song. Notice how you feel, your chest, your groin.

Sajady: Breath in, again. [Long pause, loud exhale.] And I continue to work on you, again noting your chest, your groin. Your lips. As you listen to the music in its original form, your hair. Some of you might be feeling sensual, or say, sexual. [Long pause, loud exhale.] The arch of your lower back. The nape of your neck. Quite interesting, I continue to work on you, Prince's words, kind of coming through -- we touch -- and that's how his music, actually certain frequencies within his music, touched you in your erogenous zones. Quite interesting, actually.