A blues-less Famous Dave’s? Calhoun Square BBQ spot puts live music on hold

Photo courtesy of Capital Growth Properties.

Photo courtesy of Capital Growth Properties.

If you’ve been to Famous Dave’s in Uptown recently, you might have noticed that your dining experience was significantly less bluesy.

Live music—specifically live blues music—has always been an important element of the restaurant’s image. But the website’s “Music and Events” page lists no upcoming performances, just the simple message “THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES.” And a March 6 tweet (which leads to a dead Facebook post) announced “the last weekend for live music” at Famous Dave’s.

So what gives?

Well, Calhoun Square is up for sale, that’s what gives. And with the future of the prominent, spiky, Prince-approved Lake & Hennepin shopping center uncertain, Famous Dave’s is looking into its options. For the moment at least, that means no blues.

“We are putting a pause on the scheduling of live music performances,” Al Hank, senior director of company operations, told us. “We do not have any current musical acts scheduled but we are still looking into the future of that side of our business.”

So it’s possible music will someday return to Famous Dave’s. Of course, if that never happens, you’ll have another way to complete the sentence, “Uptown died when...”