'90s Minneapolis punk doc 'When We Play for Real' screening on MTN

In the late '90s, when bands like Dillinger Four, Code 13, and the Strike were ruling the local punk scene, filmmaker Patti Rhodes set out to make a documentary about Minneapolis punk rock. The resulting one-hour film, Debasement Video Fanzine, Vol. 1: When We Play for Real, has never seen widespread circulation and has only been played at a few sporadic screenings. Until now -- a local fan has dug up the documentary and submitted it to cable access channel MTN (channel 17), who agreed to screen it four times this month.

Two of those screenings have already passed, but there will still be two chances to catch the documentary this month: Saturday, January 15 at 12 a.m., and Wednesday, January 29 at 3:30 a.m.

Other bands featured in the doc include Quincy Punx, the Murderers, Misery, and more. For more on Patti Rhodes and the Debasement Video Fanzine, Vol. 1: When We Play for Real doc, check out this article from a 1999 issue of City Pages by Peter Scholtes.

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