9 Thrill-O-Meter: Songs we like right now

At Gimme Noise, our MP3 players are loaded like a deadly weapon and it's time to empty the chamber. In a new feature we're calling 9 Thrill-o-meter, the blog's three staff contributors each share three songs currently in heavy rotation and make a few quick comments before ultimately rating the track. Listen to the picks that thrilled us and decide whether you think we're on point or totally crazy. Either way, we'd like to hear about it. 

(Editor's note: Some tracks only offer 30 seconds, so if you want to hear more, click the link inside the player)

1. Bat For Lashes, "Daniel" / Rating: 8

Everyone is all a-flutter about Bat for Lashes these days, and while I'm still on the fence about the new album as a whole (I still prefer her debut), this single is fantastic. Haunting, '80s-inspired, and sincerely weird.

2. Bob Dylan, "It's All Good" / Rating: 8 

Dylan has always straddled a line between being timeless and being insanely relevant, which is evidenced in this song: the music sounds old-fashioned, bluesy, and loose, with Dylan scoffing in modern-day slang. "It's All Good" he insists, dismissively.

3.  Black Diamond Heavies, "Bidin' My Time" / Rating: 10 

I mostly just picked this one because they are playing Palmer's on Saturday. Yeah, Palmer's, as in that dive bar on the West Bank. It's going to be out of control.



4. Sigma, "Paint It Black" / Rating: 7

Liquid funk drum and bass is mostly big in the UK thanks to its cornerstone label, Hospital Records (launched by London Elektricity). The genre is like diet DNB and is wholly tasty -- emotive without being ... well, trance. The label just came out with a new compilation called Sick Music, and this Sigma track is one of the many standouts (for something more mellow, try Cyantific's "Empty Streets").

5. Donna Allen, "Serious" / Rating: 9

Chromeo released a compilation for K7 this month, likely to highlight their new track, "I Can't Tell You Why," which I'm trying to like. It's still fantastically cheesy but just seems to fall flat compared to their other material. But featured on this comp is an 80s one-hiiter I'd entirely forgotten about: Donna Allen. I swear to you I played "Serious" on repeat the whole ride home from work yesterday. It's very Sheila E.

6. The Sounds, "Beatbox (Hey Champ remix)" / Rating: 7

Hey Champ are from Chicago and have quickly taken over. They make this track by The Sounds more buoyant and I'm favoring this rendition more than the original -- although one could easily mistake it for something by the TingTings.


7. Fever Ray, "If I Had A Heart" / Rating: 7

The song is proof positive that Olf Dreijer is just cashing checks in the Knife.

8. Radiohead, "Harry Patch (In Memory Of)" / Rating: 8

For the duration of this song only, we're imposing a moratorium on Harry Patch jokes.


9. Weird Al Yankovic, "Skipper Dan" / Rating: (David picked Weird Al. His rating privileges are revoked)

Weird Al's first tragi-comedy. I'm in.