8Hz listening party tonight at the Hexagon


DJ nights at the Hexagon have been a Monday staple for months now. Originally made notable by the DJ duo Hot Roxx, the Monday spots have seen a cycling roster of local musician DJs, populated by members of Thunder In the Valley, Daughters of the Sun, and other local rock notables.

Tonight, the local collective 8Hz is partnering with Hot Roxx to launch a listening party for 8Hz #01, its forthcoming compilation of local music, which features tracks by Fort Wilson Riot, Speed's The Name, and Me And My Arrow.

8Hz was founded this spring by Andrew Flanagan, Gimme Noise contributor Nikki Miller, and numerous local musicians with the aim of putting on shows around town in the hopes of raising the scratch to put out vinyl releases of their favorite locals.

"It started in SXSW," said Miller in an interview this afternoon. "When we came back, we all decided to work together to promote eachother's stuff. We've done over a dozen shows since this spring, and we sell the art we make."

The debut compilation is a mix of exclusive and previously released material, and also features work by Buildings, Phantom Tails, and Old James. It drops this January on vinyl, but the entire thing will get spun tonight at the Hexagon. It's free, and it's a great way to keep your music money loud and local.