‘80s overindulgence, marijuantrepreneurs, and LSD head trips in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

Manny Phesto, rapper & botanist

Manny Phesto, rapper & botanist YouTube

Here we are in the home stretch.

December has finally arrived, the 12th chapter of 2018. Now instead of looking forward, we turn our gaze back to the previous 11 months, quantifying and qualifying to deduce the best of what happened. There will be two more Local Frames in 2018, followed by a special edition devoted to the 10 best local music videos of the year.

But don’t give up on 2018 yet. You still have another two weeks to get your qualifying video in. Shoot your work to the link at the bottom of this post and try to go from debut to best of in the year’s closing moments.

Manny Phesto – “100 Grams”

Sleep has been evasive for Manny Phesto. The Minneapolis MC has been out west working on new hits, and it’s been an all-consuming task. In the video for “100 Grams,” we see the fruits of that labor, as Phesto turns a kicked back TZ1 beat into a song of blind determination. Endlissvisiion directs the video, which shows how Phesto is not only hustling to rhyme but also trying to break into the CBD industry in California. If his weed grind is as strong as his rap grind, Phesto is setting himself up for big success in San Diego. “100 Grams” is the first release from Phesto and TZ1’s forthcoming project Over South.

Finesse – “Waiting Game”

Finesse are bringing back that glossy British new-wave sound. “Waiting Game” could be a lost Animotion song, and the corresponding video appropriately collages together some John Hughes-era visuals. Finesse are also bringing back the maxi-single with “Waiting Game,” releasing it as the A side, with “Break the Steel” on the flip. They’ll release that maxi-single on December 9 at the Entry alongside XOXO Tech and Lunch Duchess.

Static Panic – “That Crazy Thing” (PREMIERE)

Prince is alive and well as the influence behind Static Panic ’s new track “That Crazy Thing.” a sensuous synth-funk melody that gyrates through the speaker. In the video, Jake Huffcut translates those sexy elements into a wild, trippy sequence of animations.

Amanda Grace – “Rayne Angel” (PREMIERE)

Last Friday, heartland folk singer Amanda Grace released her new record Rayne Angel with a show at the Amsterdam. If you missed the big-lunged singer-songwriter’s show, she’s just released the Treedome-directed video for that album’s title track. “Rayne Angel” features the captivating fire-dancing of Dancing Red Dragon and Ignite Dance (specifically the video’s star, Sydney Swanson), adding a warming element to Grace’s already rich vocals.

Lubi – “Sequence”

Meet 20-year-old Minneapolis rapper Lubi. His debut video is for the Kid Cudi-like “Sequence,” wherein the young artist struggles to find himself during a dissolving relationship. Jack Daily, Eugene Langlois, and Lubi himself direct the video, which is a bleary and sleep-deprived look into the rapper’s collapsing mental state. It’s an incredibly strong introduction for this Twin Cities up-and-comer, and we look forward to featuring more of his work in Local Frames and elsewhere at City Pages.

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