8 righteous Replacements covers to prepare us for Friday's tribute show


Like the Minnesota Vikings, the DFL, Autumnal beard-growth and cheap beer, the music of the Replacements is just another thing Twin Citians will never give up on. In fact, I can speak from experience about how their beer-soaked odes and observations provide solace and bittersweet inner-warmth and make you feel right at home when living half way around the world, as I did last year, forcing me to miss the now annual event at First Avenue held in their honor.


With perfect timing for the holidays, good ol' folks making their return to Minnesnowta to visit Ma and Pa up North or to crash on suburban couches are given reason to venture out onto icy highways and dry skyways to take in a night of the "last best band of the '80s" unforgettable hymns at the First Avenue Mainroom and 7th St. Entry this Friday night.

While the cream of the crop of local musicians roam from stage to stage, beating up PA speakers and putting barbacks to work with mutual shit-eating grins Friday night, happy vibes and good cheer will emanate one again as the assemblage of pop-punk enthusiasts give the band's major label debut, 85's Tim, a proper recitation.

Assuming you'll be there and not taking your place in the back with the loudmouths, I put together some of the interweb's best offerings of amateur 'Mats version of "Tim" to help us all brush up a little. Of course I had to include the cold night fellow Minneapolitan, Chris Corbett and I had this year at the Old What? Bar in Beijing when we emptied every Tsingtao in sight.

"Hold My Life" by Calling All Monsters

"Kiss me on the Bus" by Stinkerstien

"Waitress in the Sky" by Glenn Case

"Swinging Party" by Chris and Danny

"Bastards of Young" by the Cribs

"Gaslight Anthem" by Gaslight Anthem

"Little Mascara" by Denise Campanera

"Here Comes a Regular" by John Doe A Tribute to the Replacements takes place this Friday, November 26 with guest appearances by Justin Pierre of Motion City Soundtrack, Josh Grier of Tapes 'N Tapes, and Ben Kyle of Romantica, the Honeydogs, Pink Mink, the White and Lazy All-Stars (featuring members of Chooglin'), Communist Daughter, and many more. 18+. $6/$8 at the door. 7 p.m.